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Venture to a Better Life Program

The Venture to a Better Life Program has three major principles that we follow to ensure student success. By following this program, students will reach their peak physical performance, take control of their mental health, and become better people. They are trained by world-class athletes in a family-owned and operated environment. No matter what age you start, Martial Arts will change your life. The three principles we follow are outlined below.


A healthy lifestyle is key to the Venture program. Venture Martial Arts promotes a diet of balanced vegetables, fruits, protein, and healthy fats that supports energy and endurance for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and staying active are major components of the Venture to a Better Life program. We incorporate cardio, flexibility, strength, and core work. Everything we do is to build your body to take on everyday life. We use bodyweight training to build strong and lean muscles that will allow you to stay fit and live an active life. We encourage members to continue training outside of class to hone their skills and remain in the best shape possible.


Martial Artists learn to enhance the mind-body connection which improves their mental health. They are empowered with learning essential life skills such as confidence, focus, discipline, perseverance, attitude, integrity, dedication, goals, and respect. By learning, understanding, and practicing these skills on a daily basis they become ingrained into who they are as a person. They will carry that with them the rest of their lives.


By taking the steps to venture to a better life, their outlook on life is positive and they never give up no matter the circumstance. Through failures and success, they build resilience and mental toughness. When faced with challenges they always view it as an opportunity to grow. We teach our students to take control of their life, actions, and outcomes. If you view life as something that you make happen versus something that is happening to you, then you have the Venture outlook on life. At Venture, we learn to always accept responsibility and respond proactively.

You are here for a reason. You can do anything you set your mind to. We know you want to give the best life possible to you and your family, so take the step to Venture to a Better Life.


Micah Martin Founder and Chief Instructor at Venture Martial Arts Near Superior, CO

Micah Martin

Venture Martial Arts Founder And Chief Instructor
Gabriel Sandoval Black Belt and Head Instructor Near North Arvada

Gabriel Sandoval

2nd Degree Black Belt And Head Instructor
Sean Miller Martial Arts Instructor Near South Boulder

Sean Miller

Location Manager And Instructor

Akin Beckley

2nd Degree Black Belt

Sola Beckley

2nd Degree Black Belt

Isaac Martin

3rd Degree Black Belt And Head Instructor

Cole Dezoeten

3rd Degree Black Belt And Assistant Instructor

Audrey Keeley

2nd Degree Black Belt And Assistant Instructor

Grant Salazar

3rd Degree Black Belt And 2019 National Champion

Marcos Sandoval

2nd Degree Black Belt And Assistant Instructor

Jason Smith

Recommended Black Belt And Assistant Instructor

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