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Little Dragons

(Ages 5-7)

Venture Martial Arts in Broomfield offers a unique Martial Arts Program for students ages 5-7 that focuses on building the “Core Four” life skills such as classroom focus, personal confidence, self-control, and respect for others. Our program is designed to teach new students the fundamentals of martial arts while also helping them develop the personal qualities that contribute to their overall development as an individual. Venture Martial Arts builds these life skills into every lesson, our instructors ensure that each child benefits from a balanced approach to learning and growth.

Karate Kids

(Ages 7-12)

The Karate Kids program at Venture Martial Arts is tailored for children ages 7-12. We know that children learn best in an environment that is designed to engage with their age group. Through catering specifically to kids 7-12 we offer karate in Broomfield where kids are eager to return, time and time again. Our Taekwondo curriculum for ages 7-12, is designed to empower children, encouraging them to advance and improve at their own pace.

Family Classes

Venture Martial Arts in Broomfield has a fully developed martial arts curriculum for teens and adults that stands out in personal development and self-defense instruction. This program is built on our belief that martial arts training is a life improving program that will help you develop physical fitness, personal discipline, and self-confidence.

Teen & Adult Martial Arts

(Ages 13+)

Our Teen + Adult program at Venture Martial Arts is designed specifically for teens and adults. In this program we encourage individuals to set and pursue goals that will challenge them, we teach martial arts skills but also foster an environment that leads to personal achievement and development. This unique approach strengthens personal confidence, focus, self-discipline, and a goal-oriented mindset. We help instill life-long values of dedication and resilience, making our program a perfect fit for individuals or families looking to grow and achieve their goals in life.

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