Best Martial Arts in Broomfield

Venture Martial Arts is the best Martial Arts in Broomfield. It has been voted the number one rated taekwondo dojang in the Flatirons area. So what makes Venture such a great program for people of all ages? Led by world champion athletes, Venture is family owned and operated which brings a world class competitive nature into a family environment. 


Venture is proud to be a part of the Broomfield community. Located in the Flatirons Mall, Venture is in the heart of the popular city surrounded by many other businesses. While training, students are part of a team that works to improve themselves every single day. The instructors strive to create the future leaders of tomorrow. They partake in community events and support the community by being a central part of the small business arena.

In addition, the taekwondo community is a group of close knit individuals working towards the same goal. They bond together in classes, tournaments, and out of their karate lessons. Students are part of the National Martial Arts Alliance, a world wide organization where they get to compete and meet students from all over. Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something bigger and at Venture, they are a part of a Martial Arts community and the Broomfield community as a whole.

Life Skills:

While training at Venture Martial Arts, students are taught the nine essential life skills. The life skills are respect, discipline, focus, attitude, integrity, perseverance, confidence, goals, and dedication. Each skill is integrated in class so that they use them not only during classes, but also in their everyday lives. With repeated practice and constant reminders, they improve in school, at home, and with their friends. People notice who are trained in Martial Arts because they are better people in general. 

The instructors use a fun way to get kids to become the best versions of themselves. The second they walk through the doors they are in a loving and supportive environment. The instructors and students exemplify these traits in every way. They train students to find their inner strength and use it for the rest of their lives. 


People in the world today get less physical activity than ever before. That can affect not only physical health, but also mental health as well. Having a fun way to exercise everyday is essential for life. Students get the chance to workout, have a good sweat, and improve their strength and flexibility. It is such a fun and empowering experience that they want to continue to show up to class all the time.

The best part, they get physical activity while also learning self defense. They use practical situations and learn to defend themselves and others against any sort of confrontation. Students feel empowered to protect themselves and feel safe in their own body. By learning Martial Arts, they learn self defense in the most fun way.
What other Martial Arts program combines community, life skills, exercise, and self defense, all in one experience? Students and parents love the Venture Martial Arts program and keep at it for as long as they can. The reason Venture is considered the best taekwondo school in Broomfield: because it is!