How Martial Arts Can Benefit You and Your Family


When you join Martial Arts, you are joining a community of people who uplift and support each other. Each of you has joined for the same goal, to give your child and family the opportunity of a great life. You want your child to succeed and become the best person they can be, and that’s what the entire taekwondo community wants too. Families bond overseeing each other regularly in classes, cheering each other on during tournaments, and seeing their children grow and improve their skills. Many students become friends outside of karate and continue to uplift each other during their everyday lives. Lifelong support and friendships are fostered in the Martial Arts community. Our students are a group of hard workers from ages 4 to 100. We value contributions from people of all races, genders, and walks of life. We are here to support you on your journey to become a Black Belt and be part of an incredible community.


Venture Martial Arts is family-owned and operated. We participate in community events and support the Flatirons business district. A small business that is a central part of the Broomfield community, we have students coming to us from Arvada, Superior, Louisville, Westminster, and South Boulder. We are located in the lively center of the Flatirons Mall. With convenient access to shopping, food, and the interstate, it is easy to get to and around everything you need. 


Joining Martials Arts will bring you closer to your family than ever before. We offer family classes that allow you and your child to train together. You will train alongside other parents and families that bond over participating in the sport. Siblings can work and train together to strive towards a common goal. As a family, you will be taught and practice the nine life skills- respect, discipline, focus, attitude, perseverance, integrity, confidence, goals, and dedication. You will be able to take these skills home with you and use them to help your child navigate through everyday life. A family that trains together stays together. By learning and training together you will grow closer than ever before. Your child will learn to respect you more, listen to what you are saying, and respond to instructions immediately. You will learn to defend them and yourself in any situation that arises. 

By making the decision for you and your family to join Martial Arts lessons, you are making the decision to give your family an amazing life. You will find that your children are more respectful and disciplined, and you will gain confidence and have an incredible attitude for life. Your family will grow closer and form a bond that other people won’t understand. You all will be champions of your own lives.