Karate Kids

  • Karate Classes For Kids Ages 7-11 Near North Arvada, Colorado


Our Karate Kids program is made for children ages 7-11 and will give your child an activity they will love to come back to. Our Taekwondo program empowers your child to continuously improve at their own pace, which will build their confidence and self-esteem over the years they spend in the program. They’ll want to come back class after class to continue building their skills of confidence, discipline and respect. 

This program will allow your child to be active and healthy. We promote a balanced lifestyle with healthy habits that will stick with your child their entire life. Additionally, every single Martial Arts class we offer includes a personally designed workout for your child.

Think of the peace of mind you will experience when you know you gave your child every chance to succeed at a young age in every aspect of their life by getting them involved in our Martial Arts program.

Each one of our belts comes with the full backing and certification of the National Martial Arts Alliance. This allows your child to learn they are capable of reaching their goals with hard work and perseverance.


One of the main ways we teach focus in our Martial Arts program is to build the habit of students keeping their eyes and ears on their teachers in our class and at school.


We help children build self-esteem by giving them the ability to progress and earn new achievements at their own pace.


We teach your child that believing in their capabilities and themselves is the very first step towards success with any goal.


Karate has been proven to be one of the best programs in the world to teach self-discipline at any age.


We teach children that integrity is doing the right thing especially when no one is looking. Teaching children integrity is part of our core principles and one of our biggest passions.


In life, our students will go through ups and downs, and we want to prepare them to never give up and commit 100% during times of adversity.

Set & Achieve Goals

We teach your child that a goal is something you have to work to achieve. This principle paired with setting and achieving short and long-term goals allows them to tackle every part of their life goals.

Attitude & Passion for Life

We teach children to do their best with everything they do in life through confidence and leadership skills. These skills are what allow them to be class president, captain of their sports team or leader at work later on in life.

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