What Parents are Saying About Martial Arts

Martial Arts training is for everyone, ages 4 to 100, but most students fall into the 4 to 18 age ranges. So while parents are not necessarily training themselves, it is something that they recommend to other parents. Here is what Venture Martial Arts parents are saying about the life-changing effects of taekwondo. 


Many families have found their community in the karate world. They all want the same thing, for their kids to be successful, great people. Everyone cheers for each other and helps each other out, which is fostered through the family atmosphere found in Venture. Through seeing each other at classes, tournaments, and other community events, it becomes their home in a way.


When families join Martial Arts, it immediately becomes a way of life. Students, parents, and instructors are addressed as “sir” or “ma’am”, which brings a whole new level of respect to the household. They bring that respect to their friends’ parents and teachers. Everyone that interacts with a taekwondo student comments on how respectful they are. 


It’s more than self-defense, it’s more than just a sport. Martial Arts is a self-development program on all levels. The confidence and self-esteem that grow through the program are not found in any other activity. The lessons students learn in taekwondo percolate into everyday life They become the leaders among their friends and help them make good choices. It has the power to change your entire family’s life and bring you closer together than you ever thought possible. 

Physical Fitness:

Martial Arts training gets parents and kids out of the house, trying something new. It challenges them mentally and physically, and by continuing to show up they get stronger every day. Parents have enrolled their children with all sorts of disabilities, and taekwondo has helped them take on life with positivity. In some ways it has even saved their life, improving their strength so much that they are able to overcome physical adversities onset early in life or that developed over time. Parents also can attend family classes, where they train alongside their children. The whole family gets healthier as they follow the Venture way of life. 


While other parents can’t seem to get their children to stop playing video games or to help out around the house, the same can’t be said for kids that participate in taekwondo. When they are told to do something, they do it immediately. They practice at home because they enjoy it so much, and stay committed to better themselves on and off the mat. That commitment pays off- they win tournaments, achieve new belts, and maybe even become world champions. To see your child commit to having a great life is unlike anything- nothing compares. 

Parents of Venture Martial Arts all agree that enrolling their children in the program is one of the best decisions they ever made. They train together and form a bond through sweat and community. They find support with other parents and form lifelong family friendships. One of the world champion parents said, “You can start at any age and have a profound impact on who you are as a person. Martial arts is part of our way of life now. I can’t imagine a day without it! You are never too young or too old to make a change for a better life.” 

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