Black Belt Camp

The National Martial Arts Alliance held Black Belt Camp last weekend in Estes Park, Colorado. Martial Artists from all around the world joined in this incredible experience to learn, bond, and grow in their craft. Students from Venture Martial Arts participated and it was an absolute joy to be a part of.


It is so special to come together at Black Belt camp because it is almost a celebration of being part of one community and organization, the National Martial Arts Alliance. Even though we compete against each other at tournaments, the reality is that we are all part of something bigger. We are led by Chief Master and Master Horn, learning the same material and values. The goal of being part of the organization is to support and uplift each other no matter where you train or who you are. It is a community of people that all want the same thing, to be great Martial Artists but more importantly, to use taekwondo to become great people.

Sharing of Knowledge:

Black Belt Camp is specifically designed for students to learn new material and share knowledge. They get the rare and exciting opportunity to learn from Chief Master Horn himself, the creator of the NMAA and an eigth degree Black Belt. He teaches them new skills, including this year, how to train and compete with katas. Students from every school in attendance also get to share what they know and exchange lessons that you may never have thought of. Everyone wants all students to be the best Martial Artists they can be, so they work together to share everything that they know.

School Bonding:

Black Belt Camp is a special opportunity to bond with others. Students attend and spend time with people in their dojang so they learn more about them and become better friends. They get to experience something outside of their normal, daily lives together which helps they grow closer. Not only do students spend time with people from their own school, they also spend it with people from other schools. This opportunity helps them build new friendships that have been known to last a lifetime. It opens up doors for them in the future and pushes them to leave their comfort zone to find amazing opportunities. Friendship both in and out of their dojangs grows immensely. 

Black Belt Camp is such an incredible experience, we recommend everyone attending! If you’re on the fence about going next year, hopefully this will help you see the benefits of going. Venture is proud to send students there every single year.