Try Again

We try and we fail. We try and we fail. What do we do when we fail? We try again. There is not an unlimited amount of time that we can try something again, especially when it is important to us, when it makes our heart sing. Training with Venture Martial Arts gives us endless opportunities to try again and teaches us to never give up until we succeed. 

Learning new skills:

It is extremely rare in life that when we learn something new we will be immediately good at it. The same is true for taekwondo. There are many difficult concepts to pick up- complicated moves, challenging kicks, and everything in between. It sometimes takes months or even years of practice to get to a high level with the moves. It would be easy to say, “This is too hard, I give up.” But in karate that is not an option. You keep practicing and getting better until you have it down, until you know exactly how to do it and do it well. Even when you fail you get back up and keep going.

Competing in tournaments:

If you’ve ever played any sports, you know that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Students pour their heart and soul into their training, they push themselves and work as hard as they can to win a tournament, to eventually become a World Champion. But sometimes even when you put in all the work and do everything you can do, you still lose. You fail. That moment is not the opportunity to give up, it’s the time to try again until you succeed. Not giving up helps you grow and builds character, making you into a strong person.


Testing for a new belt takes months of consistently showing up, hard work, and practice. However, sometimes we get to testing time and we are ready. We have to wait until the next testing session. Or we do test and we fail. This is especially the case with Black Belt testing. We put in years of hard work and we fail our all or nothing stripe testing. Instead of feeling defeated and like we aren’t good enough, we step up, come back to class and try again until we do get to test or pass our testing. 
Life is always going to push us in ways that make us feel uncomfortable, it’s in those moments where we have an opportunity to grow! Overcoming failures is a part of life, and taekwondo teaches us to push past those failures and keep going until we are successful. Venture Martial Arts will always give opportunities to try again and again!