Blackbelt Journey Never Ends

With Blackbelt testing approaching very quickly, a lot of students are considering what their journey looks like after they achieve that goal. Unfortunately, some students may choose to stop training after they have gotten their belt. We are here to tell them that all taekwondo ranks, including blackbelt, have an expiration date. They expire the day you stop training and learning. 

While you will still hold the rank of “blackbelt”, does it really have any meaning if you never use it? Just like anything else, if you don’t use it you lose it. When you stop training you will very quickly lose the skills you spent years building up. Why dedicate yourself to something if you are just going to lose all of it once a single moment is over?

Becoming a first degree Blackbelt is just a step on the journey. Once you get that belt a whole new journey begins. At that moment you are officially a Blackbelt, the person you spent years working to become, the person you looked up to during all of your training. Now is the opportunity to become the person that other people look up to, and help other students along their journey to get to where you are.

Plus, there are so many other things to achieve once you become a Blackbelt! You can become a second, third, fourth, fifth degree, all the way up to becoming a Master. You are able to compete in Worlds and get the chance to earn a title of World Champion. You can even use new weapons. The journey after a Blackbelt has endless opportunities. There is always something new to learn and more skills to gain.

So when considering what your life looks like after becoming a Blackbelt, don’t let your rank expire by stopping your training. Now is the opportunity to become even better and pass your knowledge on to another person who is in the shoes you once wore. Everyone wants to inspire others, now is your chance.

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