Finishing Your Day with Taekwondo

Among the fitness community, there is a great deal of debate over when the best time to workout is, and what is the best type of workout to do. Some people say in the mornings to get your day started right. Others say in the afternoon, to break up your day and night. Some people even say at night, to finish your day off strong. Then of course the debate continues whether weight lifting, cardio, or yoga type workouts are the best.

We may be a little biased, but we truly believe that taekwondo is the best workout for you and your child! We’ve given several reasons below:

Afternoon/early evening workouts: 

After getting off work or school, many people head home to watch TV or play video games. They end up sitting on the couch snacking and being lazy for the rest of the day. By heading to taekwondo training, they are using their body after a long day of sitting. They end their day in the best way by moving their bodies and getting in a good mental and physical workout.

Something to look forward to:

Not everyone loves going to school or work. Even if they do, some days are just really hard. Martial Arts gives them something to look forward to at the end of their day. They get in a good sweat and are surrounded by a community of people that are their friends. The dojang is a place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable, something that many people do not experience throughout their day. 

All around workout:

Martial Arts training is unique in that it combines strength training, cardio, and flexibility all in one! It’s basically like lifting weights, running, and yoga all during one workout. By training in all areas, students work their bodies to be in the best shape to carry them through the rest of their lives. In addition, it’s an amazing mental workout. Many people just jump on a treadmill and turn their mind off. Karate challenges you to use your brain which improves cognitive function and the longevity of your memory and brain health. What other workouts do that?

Something to train for:

While other workouts have a short span on what you are training for- whether that be to win a game, lose weight, or gain muscle- taekwondo is a never ending journey. People train to earn their Blackbelts, and who doesn’t want to say that they are a Blackbelt? In addition, they train to compete in tournaments, to win titles and medals. They have the opportunity every year to become State or World Champion, and everyone at every age can be a part of that! It’s not something that stops at age 18, it goes as long as you want to!
The best way to finish your day is by training at Venture Martial Arts! There’s a reason that people love it as much as they do and continue to want to train for the rest of their lives. To learn more about our program, click here.