Changing Attitudes Through Martial Arts

A good attitude can impact your life on every level. The law of attraction says that everything you focus on you will receive in your life, good or bad. Therefore, a positive mindset learned at a young age is crucial to living a happy life. That mindset can be created and fostered through Taekwondo training at Venture Martial Arts.

Young kids in class, known as “little dragons”, are taught that attitude is the way you act. Even from the age of four, they are trained to have a positive attitude while doing martial arts, and the Dojang is not a place for negativity. That positive attitude is enforced at home and carries through to everyday life.

Intermediate students, or “karate kids”, are taught that attitude means to behave like a black belt. From the day a student steps into the Taekwondo studio they are encouraged to strive towards being a black belt. The black belt students lead by example to have a positive attitude throughout the entire class. They encourage other students to keep going and push themselves as hard as they can. This inspires other students to act the same way. The ripple effect of positivity is contagious and makes martial arts an exciting and addicting place to be.

Advanced “karate kids” are taught that attitude means in victory to be humble, in defeat be strong, and in all things be fair. As kids get older life gets harder. The complications of growing up impacts everyone, but Taekwondo can help with all of that. 

Students test for new belts, compete in tournaments, and some schools even have competition Fridays. If they win, they are taught to be humble and congratulate other students for giving their best effort. If they lose, they are encouraged to try again because there is always a next time to win. Most importantly, they learn to give their best effort and still have a good attitude no matter what happens. 

Martial Arts acts as an outlet for emotions. While it may be fun to take out your anger on a punching bag, the positivity oozing out of the studio changes the attitudes of everyone as they walk through the door. Physical activity releases endorphins in the brain which acts as the brain’s “happy” chemical, and it is an instant mood booster. The atmosphere of fellow students striving to achieve similar goals and become the best versions of themselves is a community not seen in any other sports.

Over the years there have been countless stories of kids having complete attitude shifts since joining martial arts. Sean Mueller, the owner of Mueller’s Martial Arts, had anger issues as a kid. It was recommended that he go to anger management to work out his issues and aggressions.

He started martial arts at the age of 14 and his attitude completely shifted. The Dojang was his happy place, the second he walked in he was in a better mood. The positivity that surrounded him during class carried with him every single day and his mindset shifted to a continuous positive outlook. 

He loved the way it made him feel so much that he advanced through the ranks and knew it’s what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He is now a third-degree black belt, owns his own school, and got third place in sparring at the world championships this year. He has one of the most positive outlooks on the planet. 

When people start martial arts at a very young age, that positivity is embedded into who they are. But it is never too late to learn those skills. Adults that join find themselves happier throughout their day and look forward to classes at night. Their outlook on life completely switches and their positive attitude is picked up by their family, friends, and coworkers. Again, the ripple effect happens and suddenly everyone around them has a better attitude. 

Taekwondo creates a robust sea of role models for future generations. The way they act can inspire and spread to others. Students can be seen spreading random acts of kindness throughout their families and community. The empathy and understanding built up during class make better, more well-rounded people. Their attitude is positive and uplifting. 

Is it possible for martial arts to change the world? Maybe not. But how does the world change? By one person at a time. If one person is taught to have a good attitude and they carry that into their life outside the studio, then someone else picks that positive attitude up, the change can be spread endlessly. Attitude taught at Taekwondo has the power to at least change one life. To learn more about Venture, click here.

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