Competitive Nature

Last weekend was a tournament held by the National Martial Arts Alliance, next week is Nationals! Tournaments are an important part of every student’s taekwondo journey and that’s why they are encouraged to partake in them. Contrary to popular belief, students do not need to have a competitive nature to be successful in tournaments. There are still amazing benefits of competing.


Students that compete in tournaments have very specific goals that they are working to achieve. Yes, every Martial Artist strives to earn their next belt, but tournaments are something that takes their work to a whole new level. They are able to show the world what they have learned in their training and get to experience their hard work paying off. The more tournaments they compete in, the more likely they are to win which is an incredible and rewarding accomplishment. Each tournament they earn points towards an even bigger goal, to win a State or World Championship. This lets the world know they are the best in their age and rank. What other goals can say that?


The National Martial Arts Alliance is a community of Martial Artists that are not only all around the country, they are also around the entire world. Competing in tournaments (especially big ones like Nationals) allows students to meet and compete against new people from around the world! Oftentimes these students form lifelong friendships based on their shared passion for taekwondo. Their horizons are broadened as they get to learn techniques, skills, and idea from their fellow Martial Artists. 

Foundation of Competitive Nature:

The world is built off of competition. Throughout their lives, students will realize that they are going to be in constant competition for everything they hope to achieve- whether that is a new job, a promotion, an award, even finding a significant other. Competition is part of every facet of life, so it’s important to build up a person that thrives in that environment. By building the foundation of a competitive nature at a young age through competing at tournaments, students will be successful for the rest of their lives.
Even if you or your child is not competitive by nature right now, through Martial Arts training they are empowered to go outside of their comfort zones and compete at tournaments. There, they can win a title and just have a ton of fun, that will give them the confidence to love competition. At Venture Martial Arts, we train champions!