Following Your Dreams in Martial Arts


Following Your Dreams in Martial Arts

When we are young we are told to follow our dreams, no matter how big they may be. Somewhere along the way, many people forget about those dreams and sell out to make a living. But people that train in Martial Arts are more likely to keep following their passions, and more importantly, succeed in them. For a Martial Artist, no dream is too big.

Because students are taught the nine essential life skills, they have a foundation built inside of them of the traits they need to make it in life. They are taught to focus, which will help them keep an eye on their goals and not let their path be deterred. They learn perseverance and dedication, which teaches them to never give up, no matter how hard it gets. 

Many students that have trained in taekwondo go on to achieve their biggest dreams. Whether that is going to college and becoming a CEO, opening their own business, or even becoming an Olympic athlete. The sky is the limit for what these students can achieve. They know that they can do anything by working hard and having a positive attitude. 

Maybe you want to own a taekwondo studio someday? Okay, here me out. I know what you’re thinking- “that’s not a real job”. But I’m here to tell you that ANY dream is possible when you have a karate background. Many students work to become instructors in their own schools and then open their own places. Venture has a program built for this called the leadership program where they train students to become the future leaders of tomorrow. 

While on the Venture Martial Arts team they can earn a great wage to support their families and lifestyles, have health insurance, and get to teach what they love the most. That sounds like a dream right? Their dreams don’t have to be just in taekwondo! Martial Artists have gone on to be everything from doctors to stunt doubles.

My point is that nothing is unobtainable when you learn the life skills taught in taekwondo lessons. When you learn and practice those skills it carries over into your everyday life and is something that you will bring with you for your entire future. Venture trains world champions, extreme Martial Artists, good people, and the leaders of the future. If you want to chase your dreams, or you want your child to chase theirs, Martial Arts training is the way to get them there.