Summertime in Taekwondo

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Summertime in Taekwondo

Summer is quickly approaching. The weather is getting hotter, school is ending, and those months of vacation planning are growing nearer. While many people head outside to play outdoor sports this time of year, taekwondo doesn’t stop. You might be wondering why you should continue your indoor training during the summer, and there are actually a ton of benefits to doing so. 

Out of the heat:

It’s hot outside! Between outdoor sports, gardening, going for walks, and any other summer activity, you are spending a ton of time in the sun. Protect your skin and take a break from the heat by going into an air-conditioned dojang. It’s nice and cool in there, you’re still getting a great workout, and you can go for ice cream after. Sounds great, right?

Stay on track to reach your goals:

When you or your kids start training in Martial Arts, you work towards the goal of achieving a Black Belt. While it might be tempting to take a break during the summer, you will lose all momentum in the process. Rest makes rust, and when you return all of those skills could be rusty. The best way to continue to get better is to show up consistently. 

Life skills other sports don’t teach:

It’s awesome to play other sports. If anything, taekwondo trains you to be even better at any activity you participate in. However, other sports don’t directly teach the life skills learned through karate training. By learning and practicing those skills on a consistent basis, they become ingrained in who you are. Each class is focused on a particular skill and used throughout the class. Other sports don’t do anything like that. 

Participating in Fun Events:

Summe is filled with a ton of fun events, and taekwondo is no different. Students are able to participate in summer camp, a week-long training event with their fellow Martial Artists. They get to bond all day at the school. Venture takes part in many community events that the students are able to volunteer at, where they get to show off their skills. The best one of all is World Championships, where they get to compete to be the best in the world. The summer is full of fun for taekwondo!

Alone time for parents:

Kids are out of school which means that they will be home more than the rest of the year. Yes, you can tell them to go play outside or head over to a friend’s house, but let’s face it, they are around all the time! In taekwondo classes you have the ability to drop them off and get some much-needed alone time. They are in a safe environment, learning essential life skills, and having a great time. What could be better?

Summer is not the time to slack at Martial Arts training. The benefits of continuing to show up far outweigh the costs. Anytime spent training is better than nothing. Venture Martial Arts is open all summer for normal classes, plus all of the fun bonus activities you can be a part of. Learn more by clicking here!