Importance of Belt Testing


Importance of Belt Testing

Last weekend, Venture Martial Arts held their color belt testing. Belt testing is an essential and special part of the taekwondo experience and something in which every student participates. When you tell someone that you partake in Martial Arts training, the first question they always ask is, “What color belt are you?” The belt is a direct reflection of your skill level, time spent training, and success during testing. That being said, belt testing is an essential component of any Martial Artists career.

Moving Forward:

Each time a student tests for a new belt, they are moving forward in their Martial Arts career. They learn new skills and improve on the techniques that they already know. In order to keep learning more, they have to earn advancement in rank. By advancing in rank they move forward and step into a new division of students. It keeps them motivated and coming back for more to earn something they worked hard for and to see that progress become worth it.

Showing What They Can Do:

Belt testing is the moment when a student is able to show what they can do. It is a special time, they have their families and friends there to support them as they get in front of their fellow students. They show everyone what they have learned and face any fears or doubts they might have. It is a moment to gain confidence in what they are doing, ready with the knowledge they have worked hard to gain. By showing what they can do, they earn rank advancement. 

Accomplishing a Goal:

Perhaps the most important part of belt testing is accomplishing a goal. When a student comes into class for the first time, their goal is to become a Black Belt. That is only achieved by earning their way through ranks, which means setting goals along the way to get their next belt. It comes with hard work, showing up consistently, and remembering all that they have learned. Each belt becomes more difficult to achieve, so they have to continue to improve and stay determined. But when they finally reach that goal and are successful, there are really not many moments like it. That carries into their everyday lives, they realize if they set a goal and work hard to get it, nothing can stop them. 

Celebration of Accomplishments:

After the students have earned their new belt and rank, belt testing is a moment for everyone to come together and celebrate their accomplishments. They have worked hard and shown true commitment and dedication- something that not many people can understand. They committed to earning their new rank and achieved it, it’s a moment to be proud of all that they have achieved. At Venture, we make each moment of achievement special and memorable for years to come. They earned it!
Don’t let belt testing intimidate you. It is a special, unforgettable experience that every student remembers for years to come. It is a time for everyone to come together and to show what they have learned by dedicating them to Martial Arts training. Someday when a person asks about what color belt you are, you will be able to say, “I’m a Black Belt!” You will know that you have worked hard to achieve something great that people hold in high respect. By joining Venture Martial Arts, you can participate in a community that celebrates the accomplishments of all students. It all starts by taking the first lesson, coming on the first day, and committing to bettering your life. Find out more information here.