Pushing Your Limits

Your mind will always give out before your body does. When you are training as hard as you can your mind might tell you to quit, that it’s too hard and you can’t go on any further. But champions are made by people who push past their limits- people who push themselves beyond what they think that they can do. When you do push those limits, you discover that your body is more capable than you think it is.

Think about it for a minute, picture an ironman triathlete or an Olympic athlete. These are people whose bodies probably screamed “no” at them and they ignored it. They reached a true state of mind over matter and reached great heights, obtaining the highest success. You don’t have to be an incredible athlete to push past your limits. You just have to prove to yourself that you can do more, be more than you ever imagined. One way to do that is by competing in tournaments. 

Tournaments are the opportunity to push yourself as hard as possible to be the best you can be. Sometimes that means that you are the best out of all the competitors. When you are tired, weak, and feel sick from all of the work you have put in, you take control of your mind and focus on one task at a time. You step on the mat, take a deep breath, and show the world what you are made of. You realize that you are made of greatness.

For the parents reading this, you are probably wondering how you get your kids to push to their limits? While it is ultimately up to them to push themselves, you can be their biggest cheerleader and motivator. You can trust the process, knowing that the training that happens in the school is designed to venture to become a champion in all aspects of life. 

There might be a moment when they want to give up. You don’t let them. Taekwondo training is hard, it pushes you mentally and physically. If you push them to keep going you show them that when things get tough, you push harder and never give up. You don’t have limits. Anything is possible. Just know that students will be pushed to their limits but never past them.  Once they achieve success, they will thank you and themselves for never giving up.

Venture Martial Arts strives to push students to become the best version of themselves by pushing their limits. Competing in the tournament this weekend (or any tournament for that matter) is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to try to become a champion. All of the hard work put in during karate training should be used for something, right? So use it to win a title.

Venture Martial Arts will be hosting a tournament in Arvada, Colorado on April 16th for the National Martial Arts Alliance. To learn more about our program, click here.