Overcoming Post-Vacation Blues

From Thanksgiving through the New Year, time flies. Everyone is celebrating holidays and spending time with the ones they love. Normal life tends to fall by the wayside, and the things you have been working on all year tend to fall off your radar. We aren’t saying it’s a bad thing, in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s time to refresh and refocus. 

Vacation time is supposed to leave you feeling refreshed after a much needed break. Unfortunately for many people, it tends to have the exact opposite effect. Some people feel dread in getting back to their normal lives and feel like they are in a funk. That’s also completely normal and understood! Life comes with many expectations and burdens. Did you know that taekwondo can help you overcome the post-vacation blues?

Setting goals:

New Year’s resolutions are extremely popular, but it’s important to set goals that you feel excited about. Taekwondo can give you goals to look forward to- whether that’s learning a new form, earning a new belt, competing in a tournament, or even getting your blackbelt. To get over your post-vacation blues, set a goal that you are excited about and focus on that!


In Martial Arts you meet so many people from different backgrounds. It is scientifically proven that being a part of a community and having people to rely on actually makes you a healthier, happier person. Instead of being self-conscious or being anxious to meet new people, embrace getting to know the people in your classes. Some of the best, lifelong friendships come from the people you meet in taekwondo.

Embracing the Suck:

The sad truth is that sometimes life sucks. We have to do things that we don’t want to do, we are burdened with responsibilities we don’t feel ready for. Our advice at Venture is to embrace it! Accept that life is hard and decide to change your mindset about it. Something that is challenging you could be the exact thing that pushes you into the person you are meant to be. Taekwondo teaches us to overcome hard things and that mentality should be taken into life every single day. 
Let go of those post-vacation blues and come join us at Venture Martial Arts to change your life!