Setting Goals for 2023

2022 is coming to an end and everyone has their eyes set on 2023. With that, many people are setting New Year’s Resolutions, or goals that they want to accomplish. We know that this is the case for many adults, they want to lose weight, get a new car, get a promotion, etc, but what about kids? It’s important to set goals for the younger ones too so that they have something to works towards and feel accomplished when they get there. Here are some goals they can work on.

Advancing in Rank:

If they are on their journey to a Blackbelt, they need to keep advancing in rank to get there. Whatever belt they are working on, it’s important to set the goal that they will achieve their next rank so that they can work on getting there. If they are already a blackbelt, they should be working on their next midterm or learning everything they can in between- weapons, elevated and inventive, etc.

Competing in Tournaments:

If your child has never competed before, 2023 is the year to do it! Competition is such an incredible experience for Martial Artists. They get to meet new people, show off all that they have learned, and get the opportunity to win a medal. Competition adds a whole new level to what they are working towards in their taekwondo classes. 

Learning Something New:

We as humans, but especially as kids, have the opportunity to learn something new everyday! By setting a goal to learn something new in taekwondo, they have an open mind and heart to absorb everything they can in class. They enjoy coming more because they get the chance to use new skills on a daily basis.

Making New Friends:

Making new friends is hard! In 2023, have them set a goal to make one new friend. By going to karate, they are around kids their own age with a common goal and get the chance to make new friends. Some people make lifelong friendships through Martial Arts training and find their best friend. It gives not only them the opportunity to make new friends, but parents too! 
Venture Martial Arts is excited to see what goals you and your child set for 2023!