The Venture Difference

Venture Martial Arts is a taekwondo school that runs classes differently from anywhere else. Considered to be the best Martial Arts lessons in Broomfield, Venture is well known to the community as the place to go for excellent training. So what makes the Venture difference? Turns out, it’s a combination of multiple assets that make it a great taekwondo experience.

High level instructors:

The instructors that teach and train at Venture are among the highest level Martial Artists. They have years of training in taekwondo themselves, plus years of training to become instructors. Many of them are State and World Champions in the National Martial Arts Alliance. They are dedicated to becoming the best they can be so that they train students the same way.

Professional well trained staff:

Venture’s staff goes beyond just instructors. There is a person responsible for every faucet of the business, which makes for a well rounded taekwondo experience. Staff is there to train students, ensure parent involvement, help both on and off the mat, and much more. There are plenty of staff members around to help with anything that parents or students need to ensure success.

State of the art facilities:

Venture just looks different. With state of the art facilities located in the Flatirons Mall, Venture is a bigger, better taekwondo studio. They have the best equipment and training materials that money can buy. Students have the most up to date training experience tied in with traditional taekwondo and teachings. 

Well run systems:

Everything done in Venture has a system to the way its done. From training students to competing in tournaments, everything has a time and place. Students follow a specific and detailed system from white to black belt that is easy to understand and follow as long as they show up and put in the work. The system ensures that every student has a personalized taekwondo experience so that they stay engaged and keep moving forward in their journey to become a Black Belt. The system is designed to help them gain the skills they need to succeed in life. 

Training designed to push students:

Each class and each session is designed to push students to do their absolute best. Venture wants students not only to become better Martial Artists, but to become the best that they can be. They train students to be World Champions, and push them to their limits. They don’t want a school full of mediocre Black Belts, they want to earn everything that they accomplish and be great at it. 

The Venture difference ensures the best Martial Arts experience out there! To learn more about the program, click here.