Dedicating to Becoming a Black Belt

Commiting to something new can be scary and nerve racking. But sometimes when you try something new, it propels you into your future. Dedicating yourself to train at Venture Martial Arts can become the best decision you ever make. 

Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Known as probably the best Martial Artist of all time, in this instance, he was speaking about dedication. It takes a great deal of dedication to practice one kick 10,000 times, but that kick will break through the thickest board and will defeat the strongest opponent. That kind of dedication is learned through Taekwondo training. 

The more you know about anything, the better you become. When you start as a white belt you know nothing. But the moment you step out on the floor you start to learn, and you dedicate yourself to becoming a black belt. The sense of achievement in learning and mastering new skills reinforces your dedication. 

  • Showing up every day: The more you practice something the better you become. This is true for anything in life but especially so in Martial Arts. By showing up consistently you are practicing true dedication and will continue to improve. Dedicating to showing up for training will reinforce the commitment to every other part of your life. You will show up for everything- family, friendships, relationships, school, careers, and so much more. 
  • Continuing to test for belts: In order to keep growing in Taekwondo, you have to advance in rank which means testing for a new belt. You will only be able to advance if you are dedicated to getting that next belt. That means dedication to showing up for class, learning and memorizing forms, and getting better every day. When your dedication pays off, nothing feels as good. Dedicating to a new belt pays off in everyday life when you are committed to keep improving- better grades, better attitude, new jobs, amazing friendships, and a better life.
  • Black Belt to Master: When you first start training in Taekwondo, your goal is to become a black belt. You dedicate yourself to having that moment where all your goals are accomplished and you will forever be referred to as a “black belt”. But that’s not the end. You continue to train and advance to a second, third, fourth, and fifth-degree black belt. After that, you dedicate yourself to becoming a Master and are at the top of your Martial Arts skill and career. That dedication not only gives you immense skill but also respect from people all around the world. It’s all because you learned true dedication in class. In that process, you learn to never give up in any area of your life. You are dedicated to achieving all of your dreams.

You can accomplish anything with the right amount of dedication. Anything is possible. You can become a Master of Taekwondo or achieve any dream that you have your heart set on. By fully committing yourself to a task or a goal you can be the greatest sense of yourself. When you dedicate yourself to something your life can change forever in the best way. Are you ready to dedicate? To learn more about Venture, click here.