What Comes Next for a World Champion

Venture Martial Arts at Flatirons won three World Championship titles this year! A great deal of hard work and dedication went into their success. For weeks they put in hours of extra training and it paid off, achieving the highest accomplishment they could earn in the NMAA. But it has been a couple of weeks since the World Tournament so that got us thinking, what comes next for a world champ? Now that they have earned their title, where does it go from here?

First things first, the training doesn’t stop. Any good Martial Artist knows that just because they achieved success does not mean that they are done. It’s the same concept when they earn their Black Belt. They don’t stop. They continue advancing in rank and training to do so. When they win a championship, they start training for next year. There are many tournaments along the way that are stepping stones to qualifying for Worlds next year. They continue to train to defend their title or win even more next year.

They pass along their knowledge to others. Venture prides itself on having an incredible leadership team that trains the future leaders of the world. They take all of the knowledge they have gained over the years that they used to win a World Championship title and share it with the other students and instructors. It is proof that they practice what they teach. Across the whole organizaton there is sharing of knowledge to make every student the best they can be. Owners and instructors across the entire world communicate about their stuggles, best practices, and the way to improve all their students. There is compeition, but more importantly there is collaboration.

They reinforce the life skills. The most important lesson learned through training is the nine life skills that are taught in every class. These are especially important to anyone training to become a World Champ because without them they will not achieve any success. Even people that competed at Worlds and did not take home a title or placed second or third, have to practice the life skills on a daily basis. With them, they are humble winners and accept defeat with their heads held high. They never give up no matter the outcome of the competitions. 

Martial Arts training is an endless journey. Winning a World Championship title or achieving a Black Belt is not the end, it is only the beginning. There are an infinite amount of accomplishments and lessons to be learned from karate traning. Some students might even become Olympic Champions someday. The possibilities are endless with the right training and the life skills to take you anywhere you want to go. All it takes is to never stop going after your dreams.