Back to School in Broomfield

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but summer is coming to an end. Kids are already starting school next week or even this week! We know that a new school year can come with a lot of anxiety, new teachers, new friends, and new material to learn. It can be stressful to grow up and take on a new year! The good news is that you can set your child up for success this year because, with Martial Arts training at Venture Martial Arts, they are given the skills needed to do well in school.

Nine life skills are taught in each and every taekwondo lesson- attitude, respect, discipline, goals, integrity, perseverance, focus, confidence, and dedication. Each of these life skills plays an important role in success during the school year, we have chosen four that really allow a student to do great. 


Students are taught to treat others the way they want to be treated and to be a leader through their actions. During karate, they show respect to their instructors by listening and following directions. They respect their peers during classes and tournaments. They are leaders in classes and show the lower ranks how to behave. The hierarchy of taekwondo teaches them to always respect their elders. 

During school, this carries over because they respect their teachers and listen when they are told to do something. They lead their friends and peers to make the right decisions no matter the situation. By showing respect they are given respect and it makes the school year much more enjoyable because they are well-liked and looked up to.


In Martial Arts training, students are taught to never give up. Learning taekwondo is not easy. They may fail belt testing, lose at a tournament, or have a hard time learning a new skill. They never give up and don’t quit until they succeed.

The same can be said for school. Learning new things is never easy, and they may be better in certain subjects than others. But with a taekwondo background, they never give up even if it’s challenging or they are not good at it at first. 


One of the most important lessons learned in Martial Arts is to focus. We live in a world where everything is quick access and short-lived. Focusing seems to grow more difficult as the years go on. Luckily during taekwondo, students are taught to pay specific attention to the details of what they are learning. They are not able to advance in rank unless they get every detail correct.

In school, paying attention to the details is extremely important. You never know what could be on a test or be the most important. By learning to focus they retain more information and do better on homework and tests, which results in better grades and becoming a smarter person. 


Confidence is hard to find in kids, especially during school. They are trying to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world. Kids can be mean! Martial Arts training instills confidence in every student. They learn to find their voice during classes and are armed with bully self-defense to protect themselves in any situation.

At school, they are confident in the person that they are because they are a Martial Artist. They do not fear new challenges and know the person that they want to be. They know how to stand up to bullying and are ready to take on a new school year!

It’s time that all children venture to a better life. Set your student up for the best school year this year by joining our taekwondo classes! To learn more information, click here