Why Train in Taekwondo

When many people think of Martial Arts training, they picture the Karate Kid or Cobra Kai. They think that training is just to be able to fight, or to show off cool moves. While that is part of it, we at Venture Martial Arts would argue that it is so much more than that. We study Taekwondo because it is challenging, inspiring, and makes a difference in our lives.


Karate training is one of the most challenging workouts that you can participate in. On a physical side, it pushes you to become more flexible, stronger, and better endurance. Students are only able to kick above their heads or break even the toughest boards through years of training their bodies to push beyond their limits. On a mental side, Taekwondo can be extremely difficult to master. Memorizing forms challenges your brain to work hand in hand with your body to remember each move. When sparring you have to anticipate where your partner will strike next. Most importantly, when you want to quit you have to mentally push past it and never give up.


There are so many incredible Martial Artists in the world that are an inspiration. Not only are they able to do spectacular moves with their bodies, but they are also some of the nicest, most disciplined people in the world. Black Belts have a certain mentality about them that people aspire to be like. They are strong, humble, kind, motivated, and all around awesome. They can do things that we all wish we could do. Who doesn’t want to be more like that?!

Changing Lives:

Martial Arts training makes the biggest difference in our lives. It changes who we are on every level in the best way. By learning the nine life skills in each class, it creates better people. They carry those skills through the rest of their lives. The skills are confidence, respect, perseverance, attitude, focus, dedication, integrity, goals, and discipline. In addition, Taekwondo training is difficult. It shows us just how strong we are and what we are capable of doing. It shows us that we are able to do incredible things if we put in the work, something to carry with us the rest of our lives.

Venture Martial Arts strives to improve lives through Taekwondo training. Countless people have made drastic improvements in their life by coming to class and giving it all they have. To learn more about our program, click here.