Improving Behavior Through Martial Arts

A big reason that many parents enroll their children in Martial Arts is to help improve their behavior. They may lack discipline, or may be acting up at home or in school. Parents want their children to be on the right trajectory for life and to exhibit model behavior. Venture Martial Arts works to make every student the best version of themselves.


One of the nine life skills taught in taekwondo is discipline. Students learn that discipline means obeying what is right. In class they are taught to follow instructions immediately and keep working until they are told to stop. They learn to show up to class everyday and follow through on their commitments. They are held accountable at home and in class by a communicative relationship between the instructors and parents. All of these lead to the child learning and practicing discipline.


Another life skill that students learn is respect. They are taught to treat others the way they want to be treated. When responding to instructors, they say “yes sir” or “yes ma’am,” and in return they are also called sir or ma’am. They bow before going on the floor and bow to other students before handing over pads. By showing each other and the place where they train that they care through their actions, they learn and practice respect on a daily basis. 

Other life skills:

In addition to discipline and respect, students learn seven other life skills. They are focus, integrity, attitude, goals, perseverance, confidence, and dedication. The child may be acting up because they are lacking skills in one of these areas. Each day students learn and practice the life skills so that they become well versed in them and can carry them into their everyday lives. 

Becoming a leader:

Through learning and practice, students eventually become so well behaved that they become leaders among their friends and families. Other parents notice how great the kids are and want their children to act like that too. They lead by example and are always respectful and disciplined in all that they do.

Children that take taekwondo often see a drastic improvement in their behavior within a short period of time. Martial Arts training isn’t just for kicking and punching, it’s for making people the best they can be. Venture loves to work with all people to bring out the best in them.

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