Building Confidence Through Taekwondo

All you need is one person to believe in you to succeed. That one person is you. You need to have confidence that whatever you try to do you will achieve. Confidence will carry you through everything in life, good or bad. You can gain confidence through training at Venture Martial Arts.

Students are taught to believe in themselves. They know they can accomplish anything. Most importantly, it means they have the ability to arise from failure. Taekwondo teaches, develops, and hones those skills for students of all ages.

Accomplishing goals:

In Martial Arts students set goals throughout the entirety of their training. That can be advancing to a new colored belt, achieving a black belt, and becoming higher degrees of black belts. It can be winning a competition or even becoming a world champion. Every time a student achieves one of those goals it boosts their confidence to know that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Even if they fail in achieving one of those goals the confidence they have gained through training will allow them to arise from the failure and try again until they succeed. 

Victories earned through Taekwondo training, small or large, will carry over into their everyday lives. Every success will build their confidence even more and they will believe they are capable of obtaining any dream. They will believe in themselves no matter what.

Responding in class:

On the first day of Taekwondo class, students are taught to respond “Yes sir” or “Yes ma’am” when spoken to. The entire class responds loudly as does each individual student. By speaking with respect and volume students are using their confidence. Each day they gain more confidence to find their voice and speak with confidence.

People that speak with confidence are always noticed and more likely to have success in life. They break away from their shyness and exude a strong and controlled personality that others look up to. People say, “I want to be more like them.” Or, “I wish I had their confidence.”

Junior Instructor:

As students gain more skill and confidence they might be asked to become junior instructors. They help other students learn and develop the techniques they have learned themselves. By teaching and helping other students their confidence grows even more. They are empowered to show others what they know. Their confidence grows when they share their knowledge and they see others believing in them too.

Others recognize their growing confidence and they are leaders in school, with their friends, and even at home. They are successful in all aspects of their life and that stays all the way into adulthood, where they become a confident adult that is able to achieve their greatest ambitions. They are recognized by others as confident and successful.

Testing and competing in front of others:

In order to advance rank students have to “test” for a new belt. This is a ceremony that is done in front of family, friends, and other students. By showing their skills in front of all those people and achieving their desired result, students gain confidence. They are empowered to compete in tournaments in front of other schools and students from around the world. If they win their confidence skyrockets and they can become a world champion. If they lose, they have the confidence to try again. 

Testing and competing in front of others gives them the confidence to do it everywhere else. If they have a presentation they have no hesitation to stand in front of classmates and relay the information. Public speaking is second nature, and they join debate teams, theater, and other extracurricular activities because they are so good at it.

Confidence is perhaps the most useful skill that a person can have. A confident person is more likely to find continuous success in life and be happier because they know they can do anything they set their minds to. Even if they experience failure, it isn’t a setback because they know they can arise from it and try again or get a fresh start.